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Cycle Training Ride Safe and with Confidence British cycling

crankCycling is becoming increasingly popular in the UK for both commuting and leisure. but some people tend to think that cycling is dangerous when in fact the opposite is true.

The truth is if you cycle regularly, your life expectancy increases not decreases. Cycling doesn't come without a level of risk, but with training you can learn how to dramatically reduce the chances of being involved in a incident.

Professional cycle training has the power to transform your experience of cycling for life.

Whether you have been cycling for years, never cycled before or are returning to cycling after years of abstinence, cycling training can help you boost your skills and confidence on the road.

  • Learn how to make yourself more visible to others
  • Avoid the common mistakes that put you at risk
  • How to deal with junctions and roundabouts
  • Learn how to assert your rights as a road user
  • Increase your confidence in traffic

All training is tailored to your individual needs, whether your just looking to start cycling for pleasure or making cycling your main form of transport for commuting to work. Training can be conducted individually or as a family package.

  • Individual session 25 ( approximately 1 Hour) If your primary interest is commuting, your training can be conducted on your ride to work.
  • Family session 48.00 ( approximately 1.5 Hours) If you want your children to learning how to cycle safely then nothing is better than setting a good example and cycling as a family.
I am a fully Qualified by british Cycling to deliver National Cycling Standards Training, Sky Ride Group Leader and Qualified First Aider.

Gavin 07830 351425 or
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