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Bikework service options and prices

toolsI provide a range of servcing options. The most common are listed below. If you want a quote for work that is not listed, please don't hesitate to contact us.

toolsGeneral service   38
  • Gear cables replaced *
  • Wheels trued
  • Gears adjusted and tuned
  • Brakes adjusted and pads checked for wear
  • Brake pivots greased
  • Drive Chain lubricated
  • Cables lubricated
  • Rear mech hanger checked and straightened
  • Any worn parts replaced *
  • All bearings checked and adjusted – including wheels, headset, bottom bracket and rear suspension if applicable
  • All moving parts checked and lubricated
  • Drive train degreased
  • Full safety check
  • All nuts and bolts checked for tightness 
  • Frame and forks visually checked
  • Tyres and wheels inspected for damage
  • Cables checked for wear
  • Test ride
    *Replacement Parts will be fitted free of labour charge ( New parts will be charged for )

picture of gearsFull Strip and rebuild  75.00

  • Bike is completly striped down, all parts are clean down regreased and rebuilt including hubs, bottom bracket and headset. 
  • General service as above.

toolsOther service options
  • Gear tuning from 16 (front and rear)

  • Puncture repair 15

  • Bike Clean
    (if your bike requires cleaning before a service can be carried out )

  • Brake service from 16 (front and rear)

  • Brake bleeding from 15

  • Wheel truing 15 per wheel, 25 both wheels

  • Box Build 30.00 ( Internet Box bikes)

  • Ebay Sellers Package ( Basic service + List + Box + Post ) excludes ebay & paypal fees 30

  • Bottom bracket service 20

  • Wheel building 25 per wheel

Gavin 07830 351425 or
01162 881517


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